Most people know how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Now they will learn how butterflies turn into a dragon or a tiger or virtually anything you can imagine.

This magic is accomplished through the creativity of artist Ted Buckwald. He has taken the world's most exotic and colorful butterflies, and attaches up to 800 butterflies to a canvas to reveal familiar images through a natural source- our beloved butterfly.

His unique skill blends colors of many species into lifesize images, from cuddly pandas, to a majestic bald eagle. He calls it conversational art up close. There are hundreds of real butterflies. Stand back and view a colorful, dimensional figure.

By recreating nature into art, Ted pursues a higher awareness for these short lived creatures. It is his way of reminding the world of the elegance and beauty nature has bestowed upon us. It's Ted Buckwald's way of saying, WHAT IF AND WHY NOT?


1. Can't fly on rainy, cold or temperatures less than 60 degrees F.

2. There flying time is 10 to 20 days.

3. They have no mouth. They drink thru a straw like nose.

4. The Monarch, when eaten is poisonous.

5. The largest caterpillar from New Guinea is between 10 and 12 inches.

6. The largest butterfly from New Guinea, The Rothchilde is 12".

7. Of the 25,000 known butterflies, only one is exactly the same on both sides.

8. Silk is the strongest natural fiber known .

9. The Sho Gun War was fought for the silk worm between Japan and China.

10. The blue Morpho Aega from Brazil is the most iridescent in all of nature.

11. If it weren't for moths and butterflies there would not be silk.

12. Silk fiber was used as cross hairs in the Norton bomb sight for pinpoint bombing during the second world war.

13. All butterflies are addicted to salt and sugar, hence the very short life span.

14. Some are colored like modern paintings.

15. Butterflies are day flyers while moths are nocturnal.

16. Taiwan has more different butterflies than any other country. More than 110.

17. For centuries the children of Taiwan tie fine silk fiber to large butterflies and fly them as kites.

18. The Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico every spring and fall and number more than a billion.

19. The underside of butterflies are usually mottled and are use to attract each other for mating.

20. Butterflies are the first and only sun worshipers. It warms their blood and enables them to fly and find their mate.

21. There are approx. 25,000 butterflies and 160,000 moths.

22. There are hundreds of butterfly conservatories around the world.

23. They are the most defenseless creatures on earth.

24. They are naturally pollinaters.

25. In Greenland the same butterflies appear in the spring every third year.