Master Butterfly Artist Ted Buckwald is from New York City. A Native New Yorker with an extensive creative background, he has worked with the top Madison Avenue Ad-men, the film and television industry and is noted in the beauty industry not only as a top hair salon creator and owner, but is credited for bringing the first electric hair blow dryer into the United States. With a passon for beauty and art, Ted started working with nature and butterflies over 30 years ago by simply capturing the beauty of the elusive creattures anad designing creeative home and office display units in the like of shadow boxes, plexi-gass encasements etc. His art grew into large life-sized scultures of tigers, panda bears, dolphins, eagles and giant eight foot swarms of butterflies that appear to be in actual flight. His work has been dislayed in New York for decades and now can be seen throughout South Florida, his new home.

Ted Buckwald is the first and possibly the only artist that uses real butterflies to create lifesize images. He first sold plexi-glass boxes with one or two beautiful butterflies suspended in shadow boxes, and since, has also exhibited in many department stores around the country and in Canada, including Macy's, Brentano's, and Bloomingdales.

July 1984 - Began creating lifesize images using 800 real butterflies in art pieces

January l985 - First Show at Serendipity Gallery, East 6lst Street, NY, NY. Window Displays and Art Work Sold Out

February 1990 - Showing on Bill Boggs Talk Show in New York City

November 2002 - Lectured and Presented at the New York Museum of Natural History

November 2003 - Gallery Presentation at J Sung Dynasty, New York City

November 2010 - First Show in Miami Florida at Victoria Gallery, Miracle Mile, Coconut Grove, Florida

November 2013 - First One man show at Hotel Renaissance Towne Center, Boca Raton, Florida